Quality Policy


Chitra's Beauty Ayurveda Therapy is committed to provide high Quality and well reputed company products with distinguished services to meet customer requirements, and to help protecting the environment for safer and healthier society. Chitra's is equally committed to continuous improvement in performance, services and maintained for continual improvement in accordance with the requirements of Quality Objectives.

  • Adopts quality management approach in universal standards and continuously reviews its business processes in line with its strategic priorities and adopts preventive approaches to improve product quality.
  • Provides high quality and reliable products to ensure maximum customer satisfaction, meets and maintains customer demands in the fastest and right way.
  • To be one step ahead with innovative and creative strategies; based on product and services, applied methods and techniques, behavioural competencies, processes, continuous development and improvement in the working environment.
  • Follow new technologies to reach the highest production level in capacity utilization and efficiency.

Our Objective is to continuously improve our Quality of product and Safety to achieve 100% customer satisfaction.