Supplier Code of Conduct


This Supplier Code of Conduct is applicable to all ‘Suppliers’ globally. ‘Supplier’ here refers to suppliers/ service providers/ vendors/ traders / agents/ consultants/ contractors/ joint venture partners/ third parties including their employees, agents and other representatives, who have a business relationship with and provide, sell, seek to sell, any kinds of goods or services to CHITRAS BEAUTY AYURVEDA THERAPYS and KASHMEERA or any of its subsidiaries, affiliates, divisions (“CHITRAS BEAUTY”). This Code sets forth the basic reqChitra’srements that we ask our Suppliers to respect and adhere to when conducting business with CHITRAS.

Anti-Bribery: The Supplier shall not, directly or through intermediaries, take any recourse to any unethical behaviour (implicit or explicit), or offer or promise any personal or improper advantage in order to obtain or retain a business or other advantage from a third party, whether public or private, including with any employee of Chitras Beauty. More specifically:

  • Shall not offer or accept bribe or use other means of obtaining undue or improper advantage, offer or accept any kickbacks, and shall not take any actions to violate or cause its business partners to violate any applicable anti-bribery laws and regulations including the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act of USA (FCPA), Bribery Act of United Kingdom and Anti-Bribery and Anti-corruption Act of Malaysia.
  • Shall not take any advantage of any family/ social/ political connections to obtain favourable treatment or for the advancement of business or obtaining any favours. Merit shall be the sole attribute of association with .M
  • Shall not enter into a financial or any other relationship with a Chitras Beauty employee that creates any actual or potential conflict of interest for CHITRA’S. The Supplier is expected to report to CHITRA’S any situation where an employee or professional under contract with CHITRA’S may have an interest of any kind in the Supplier’s business or any kind of economic ties with the Supplier. - Shall not offer any gift, hospitality or entertainment for the purpose of obtaining any advantage, order or undue favor. Unfair Trade Practices: Supplier shall desist from any unfair or anti-competitive trade practices.


The Supplier shall ensure that an effective grievance procedure has been established to ensure that any worker/ employee, acting individually or with other workers, can submit a grievance without suffering any prejudice or retaliation of any kind. Suppliers shall also forthwith report any unethical activity or discrimination if practiced by any Chitras Beauty employee/other Suppliers.


The Supplier shall take appropriate steps to safeguard and not infringe any CHITRA’S confidential and proprietary information/intellectual property/ technology which come to its knowledge during the course of its business relationship/ dealings with CHITRA’S. In case of sub-contracting, sharing of confidential information should be made with the consent of CHITRA’S.


The Suppliers shall not be authorized to represent Chitras Beauty or to use Chitras Beauty’ s brands without the written permission of CHITRA’S. Third parties and their employees who are authorized to represent CHITRA’S are expected to abide by the CHITRA’S’s Code of Conduct & Business Ethics Policy in their interaction with, and on behalf of CHITRA’S including the confidentiality of information shared with them and to sign a non-disclosure agreement to support confidentiality of information.


Chitras Beauty Ayurveda Therapys expects the Supplier to adhere to all applicable laws and regulations and in particular comply with this Code in letter and spirit. It is the Supplier’s responsibility to read and understand the contents of this Code and CHITRA’S’s Code of Conduct & Business Ethics Policy. As a condition of doing business with CHITRA’S, the Supplier must comply with this Code and agree to uphold such values during its business association with Chitras Beauty.

  • The Supplier shall maintain adequate documentation to demonstrate compliance with the principles of this Code, and allow access to CHITRA’S to check compliance upon request with reasonable notice.
  • The Supplier shall notify CHITRA’S regarding any known or suspected improper behaviour by the Supplier relating to its dealings with CHITRA’S, or any known or suspected improper behaviour by CHITRA’S employees.
  • Please contact the concerned Head of commercial/ Company Secretary if you have any questions about this Code.

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